13 Best Ways To Cool A Room With No Windows 2021

When you have a room with no window becomes hot in the daytime very quickly. You can make a room useful with no window; it needs to be cooled down. Without a window, you don’t have more comfortable options like air circulation or window air conditioner.

Then how can you cool down a room with no windows? Luckily, there are ways to cool down a windowless room. Here are the best ways to cool a room with no windows, but you have to pick effective techniques and suit your budget.

Some of the ideas recommend using air conditioners; others suggest tips and tricks that are effective and easy to execute; you may not have heard before.

13 Ways for How to Cool a Room with No Window 2021

Below, you’ll find the complete list of the best possible ways to cool a room with no effective windows and anyone can perform the techniques smoothly.

1. Portable air cooler to cool a room with no windows:

One of the best and cheapest ways to cool your room with no window is using a portable indoor air cooler known as an evaporative cooler or ventless cooler.

This indoor air conditioner is a standing floor fan that uses the low of evaporation; it takes the warm air in and blows the vaporized cooler air out through a vent, providing cooler air at a low cost as well as energy-efficient.

If you add cold water or ice into the tank or reservoir of this air cooler, it can change it into a cool air mist. Portable evaporative coolers or swamp coolers are energy efficient and can provide cool air into a windowless room.

2. Floor fan or table fan with Ice technique:

For this DIY trick, you’ll need a bucket or a large bowl, a floor fan, and some ice to create a cheaper version of a portable evaporative cooler but effective. Put a large bowl or bucket with ice and place it in front of the fan.

Then the fan will blow the air over the ice and spread the ice’s coldness into the room to help you reduce the temperature. However, it may not look good, but it’ll be cheaper as well as an effective way of cooling down the place.

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Moreover, you can try this same with a fan and wet cloth by placing a damp washcloth in front of the fan at a 1-2 meter distance for a similar experience.

3. Use a through the wall air conditioner

A through wall air conditioner works the same as a window unit; the only difference is that a window unit requires a window and on the other hand, the wall unit doesn’t require a window for installation. For a wall unit to vented correctly, you need to make the wall lead to the outside of the building or apartment.

This cooling system is suitable for only those rooms without a window that has walls leading to the outdoors. It’s the most reliable solution to cool down windowless rooms permanently. It is a secured unit, and it is an excellent solution to cooling a windowless room.

4. Use a portable air conditioner or standing ac

This type of air conditioner is similar to the wall unit and window unit, but you don’t need to install these portable floor standing units to the walls. However, these portable air conditioners come with a hose that needed to be vented outdoors to exhaust hot air.

If your room without a window has a wall that goes to the outside of the building then you can pass the hose through the wall otherwise you may have to run this hose through your building’s other room that has a window or attached to a wall that connects to the outside like a wall air conditioner.

These portable machines don’t need installation, making them user-friendly, finding a place to get the hot air out, and placing this portable air conditioner anywhere in the room. Also, this floor air conditioner is suitable for small spaces.

5. Ductless air conditioner or split ac for windowless room:

The ductless air conditioner is commonly known as a split air conditioner, give you similar feelings to the centralized air conditioning without using a duct. A ductless air conditioner has two units, an indoor unit mounted inside the room wall and an outdoor unit installed anywhere outside the room. It is a perfect solution for cooling a windowless room.

Furthermore, you cannot install this cooling system without professional help because ductless air conditioners are hard to install. To get this unit install, it requires a maximum 3-inch hole (may differ for smaller or bigger units) in the wall to connect the cooling pipe between indoor and outdoor units.

Anyone can use ductless air conditioners, but it’s the best option for the rooms without a window to cool down space from one to six rooms without making any changes to the apartment.

6. Use two fans technique for the air circulation:

It can be the easiest way of cooling the room without a window by just placing two fans strategically. You might get surprised after using this scientific trick to serve you cool air in a windowless room that you may not have heard before.

Well, you need to face one fan upward, blowing air towards the ceiling and the other fan towards the doorway, but make sure the door is fully opened for this trick to work effectively. The fan facing upward will circulate the hot air, and the second fan will suck out that hot air out from the doorway.

Moreover, if you have an air conditioner in another room, this trick can be even more helpful, open the door or window of that room that faces your doorway but this time face the doorway fan toward the windowless room to pull cool air inside the room form other room.

7. Install a Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan can be logical because it prevents the hot air from settling in one place, and also, ceiling fans can make air conditioners more effective when used combined. This way you can save some money on the electricity bills in the long run.

Moreover, you can combined ceiling fans with other listed suitable tips for you to get the best cooling experience without spending too much cash.

8. Turn Off Lights

This trick has two benefits; first, you can save on electric bills in the long run and cool down your space because light emits 90% of the energy in the form of heat.

Moreover, if you have incandescent lights installed in your room then replace them with CFLs or LEDs, they can reduce heat and don’t consume much electric energy. Switch off any lights when not in use to save on energy bills.

9. Turn Off Appliances

Appliances are the major contributor to generating heat because they use electrical energy and give off heat to the surroundings. The more power requires to operate these items; the more heat will be generated off them.

One way to keep heat from these appliances low is by switching them off when not in use if possible. You may don’t know, but items like the kitchen stove, oven, desktop computer, laptop, iron, and bulb give off too much heat.

Turn them off when not required like a laptop or computer to standby mode, and also, if possible keep the electrical appliances out of the room to reduce the amount of heat in a room with no windows.

10. Keep doors closed in the day time:

Keeping doors closed mostly in the daytime can reduce the accumulation of useless heat inside a room because the light is a form of energy that carries heat. In other words, where there is light, there is heat.

Accumulation of heat inside a windowless room potentially raises the temperature which has no way to exhaust but trapped. Therefore, make sure the doors are always closed to keep the heat outdoors, and it will help keep the room temperature level regular.

11. Keep your body temperature low

Keeping your body temperature low can also help you experience cool in a room without a window. You don’t need to make any changes in your lifestyle, just drink cool drinks regularly with ice. Use a light-colored cloth to reflect heat from the light, and a shower can also temporarily help you reduce body temperature level.

Furthermore, you can use cold washrags on your neck or wrists which can absorb the heat from your body to lower the body temperature as well as

There are ways that you can lower your body temperature, which will help to cool a room without windows. You can drink cool beverages with ice and use light-colored clothes that will reflect heat. Taking a cold shower will help lower your body temperature and make it feel cooler in the room.

12. Plant grass around the home:

Grass around your building or in the lawn area can help reduce heat because grasses cool themselves and surrounding, reducing the need for cooling homes.

Lawn grasses cool down more than 50% of solar heat with the law of evaporation which is around 10° to 14° Fahrenheit lower than the normal temperature on a sunny day.

13. Use indoor plants in a room

You can use indoor plants that can help keep the room cooler in warm weather by a natural process of consuming hot air, which can further help keep cooling costs low by adding humidity to the surrounding.

In other words, plants release moisture into the air through the transpiration process, results in water evaporates from the leaves if the surrounding air is dry and warm.


Hopefully, these tips and techniques have helped you to find the best solution for your question “how to cool down a room without windows”. If you need more ideas, then you can refer to the below links. However, these techniques may not be possible for everyone to execute, and they are expensive too.

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Frequently asked questions about cool a room with no windows

Is it Possible to Cool a Room Without Windows?

Yes, it’s possible to cool a room with no windows. Some cheap tips are:

1. Keep the door close in the daytime.
2. Use a ceiling fan.
3. Keep your body temperature by drinking cold drinks and wearing light fabric cloth.

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