How To Remove Dust From Air: 13 Easy Ways 2021

Dust at home can be the reason behind respiratory or breathing problems and allergies in your family.

If you are using an air purifier or dust remover machine and still having dust inside your home, either your air filter needed to be replaced/washed or you may have a dirty ceiling fan that circulating dust inside.

Fortunately, we are here to help you out with how to remove dust from the air to minimize dust and purify the air in your house. With the help of these efficient and unique dust remover techniques, you can learn below how to keep your home dust-free and remove dust from the air.

However, keep your air filter clean, regularly clean your home correctly, and control the dust coming inside the house from outdoors. Don’t allow dust to accumulate in the first place.

If you follow these dust removing, you can keep the dust level low, but it can help fewer family members get sick.

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What Is Dust?

Don’t mistake that dust is entirely made of only dead skin cells and soil, which is a common mistake. Household dust comprises dead skin cells, pollutants, animal dander, insect waste, food particles, pollen, soot particles, soil, dryer lint, and more.

However, the composition of dust can be different and varies from one home to the neighboring.

How The Dust In Your Home May Affect Your Health?

Yes, dust can affect badly on your health under these circumstances:

  • People allergic to dust particles or develop a sensitivity to dust especially to dust mite particles.
  • When a person has a weak immune system or limited lung function.
  • When the dust carries tiny but harmful particles to human health like talc dust, asbestos dust, silica dust, or heavy metals.
  • If there are contaminants like harmful bacteria or viruses attached to the dust particles, can be hazardous for human health.
  • If there are dust particles carrying toxins from cigarette smoke or similar pollution source like factories.
  • If dust particles contain household chemicals soot particle from flame.
  • Lastly, infants get things from hands to the mouth that promote swallowing or ingesting dust particles from 5-10 gm per day. And, it’s even worse when you have pets and your toddlers spend more time on the ground.

In Detail Best Ways To Take Dust Out Of The Air

Removing dust particles has to be the main reason behind when it comes to cleaning the house or any place. However, without taking care of the dust while dusting, they can quickly become airborne. Therefore, dry dusting won’t be useful as well as recommended for removing dust from the household air.

Now come to the main topic of how to remove dust? Two ways of removing dust from the air without becoming airborne:

  • Automated Dust Removal: Air Purifier and Dust Eliminator or Dust Remover Machine.
  • Manual: Dusting, Vacuum Cleaner, Regular Cleaning, etc.

Remove Dust From Your Home Using Air Purifier

Tips That Removes Dust From Air
Tips That Removes Dust From Air

Not all air purifiers are designed to remove dust particles and impurities from the air. Look for the air purifier that serves a specific air quality problem you want to help with. Also, if are looking for an answer, do air purifiers remove dust? then refer to the below section.

There are basically five types of filters you’ll find in an Air Purifier out of which True HEPA filter is essential for any dust removal system.

  • True HEPA Filter: Buy an air purifier that comes with a True HEPA filter for dust removal.
  • PlasmaWave Technology: PlasmaWave is completely safe and doesn’t generate any harmful byproducts, like ozone.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Activated Carbon air purifiers can remove things like chemical gases, pet odors, smoke, kitchen, and other household smells.
  • Ionizer: An ionizer is a good feature, it acts as a secondary defense against dust, allergens, and other germs.
  • PECO: Microscopic pollutants like dust particles, allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and airborne chemicals are eliminated from indoor air as they pass through the PECO filtration system.

13 Tips To Remove Dust From Your Home: Regular Cleaning

Tips That Removes Dust From Air
Tips That Removes Dust From Air

Removing dust can be a challenging task because dust can be found anywhere in your home. Then how to get rid of these unwanted guest that keeps coming back. There are many ways to solve this problem, however, you can start with prevention.

Here you’ll find the most efficient and cheapest ways to remove dust from home air. Hopefully, these tips may help create a practical as well as an effective solution in your home.

Cheap dust removal techniques:

1. Dust properly: You can use a slightly wet cloth or sponge, starting from the top and moving downward to prevent dust particles from becoming airborne. Also, avoid feather dusters as they spread more than capture any dust. To dust hard surfaces, use a microfiber cloth or duster.

2. Clean bed linens more often: Change your beddings and clean your bed sheet and pillow cover once a week with hot water (mild) to kill bacterias and viruses.

3. Avoid Carpeting if You Can: Carpets and rugs can be a magnet for dust particles and hiding dust mites. Either you do a deep cleaning with a good quality vacuum cleaner regularly, twice a week or dust mites will accumulate, which may cause unpleasant allergic reactions.

4. Clean Rugs Outside: If you keep rugs inside your home, clean them outside. The best way to clean a carpet is by beating it against a hard surface or hitting it with a wide solid object to get the dirt and dust particles.

5. Vacuum regularly: To keep your house dust-free then you need to vacuum clean underneath of furniture like a couch, bed, etc. It will ensure you don’t have a thick layer of dust under the furniture.

6. Mop the floors: Use a wet or damp mop to clean the floor and if you have to vacuum your floor then moping can be more effective in dust removal. Importantly, use non-toxic cleaner or detergent with warm water twice or thrice a week.

7. Keep dirt out: Place a good quality doormat and remove shoes outside when anyone comes in. It reduces the amount of dirt coming inside and turning into dust. Surprisingly, a lot of dust that comes from the outdoors that you bring home can be avoided with this simple way to remove your shoes when you come into your house.

8. Seal cracks or gaps in your house: To decrease the number of dust particles and dirt even more, then maintain your home by using weatherproof doors and seal any cracks or gaps as well as narrow openings or crevices indoors. It will reduce the accumulation of dust particles in the areas that are not reachable.

9. Skip the clutter: Reduce the clutter in your house to speed up your dusting as well as keep dust traps under control. Always ensure that your home tidy and try to minimize chaos, it’ll look better.

10. Eat at the table: This may sound weird, but it can help keep food remains to fall on the floor, which can happen while moving around and eating. Eating while moving or eating at different places attracts more insects, which end up as dust.

11. Choose non-toxic products whenever possible: Sometimes, dust particles contain toxins from the chemicals we may have used for cleaning or anything else. Therefore avoid the usage of toxic chemical products as much as possible to reduce the volume of airborne chemicals in your indoor air that ends up attaching to dust particles.

12. Keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible: This is the easiest and free dust removal technique you can follow. You may know that a lot of dust and dirt can come into your home through open windows and doors while you try to get a fresh breeze blowing through your home, which includes dust and bacterias.

13. Close your chimney flue: To keep dust in the air at a minimum indoors if you have a fireplace, keep the flue closed when it’s not in use especially when it is windy outside.

Bonus Tips & Tricks On Dust Removal

a). Use fabric softener: Electronic appliances in homes like television or computer are electrically charged and attract dust particles. A fabric softener can help remove dust from the cloth to clean anything again without damaging the surface of the home appliances.

b). Upgrade your furnace filter: If you have a home with centralized air cooling or heating controls that remove dust by filtering the air, upgrading to an electrostatic filter can be more effective than your installed dust removal system. However, it may cost you between $500-$2000 because it can only be installed by a professional.

c). Use laundered baby wipes: To remove dust from tiny or narrow spaces like a television panel or keyboard, you can use washed baby wipes. Generally, washed baby wipes from some brands work exceptionally well at removing dust after being laundered.

Lastly, dust cannot be removed entirely or avoided, however, with the help of these points on how to remove dust from air home, you keep your home dust level medium to low if not very low.

Moreover, if you can use an air purifier with these dust removing tips, then the dust level will be relatively low inside your home. Using an air purifier or room dust collector in every place inside your home is a great way to get rid of dust from the air as well collectively.

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