8 Best Place To Put Air Purifier To Work Effectively 2021

An air purifier can be a useful source of fresh air if your living in a polluted place or someone in your family is suffering from respiratory disease like asthma. Therefore adding an air purifier to your home can be a logical decision.

However, many people don’t know how to maximize an air purifier’s benefits like placement in a room or what suits your needs, etc. Either they keep it in the corner of the room or place it behind the furniture like a couch or a table, assuming that it’ll be useful.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here, the placement of an air purifier plays a significant role in purifying and removing contaminants pollutants from the air. If you place it in the corner, it’ll be as effective as leaving it switched off.

Therefore, I’ve made a list of essential points that can help you place air purifiers to operate to full potential and provide you with fresh, breathable air.

1. Air Purifier Coverage Capacity As Per Room Size

The most crucial point you need to consider before selecting your air purifier. If your air purifier has the capacity of a smaller area than your room, then it won’t be a good idea.

In other words, using an air purifier with a capacity of 100 square feet to use in a vast place basement or hall is not a good idea.

Moreover, using a large-capacity air purifier with a coverage of 1000 square feet in a small place like a kitchen or a small bedroom won’t be a wise decision; however, you can still get the full benefits, but it won’t be cost-effective.

Air purifier coverage chart
Air Purifier Coverage Capacity Chart

Use the correct size as mentioned above to maximize the effectiveness of your air purifier. A large air purifier filter already filtered air in a small room, and that result in wasting electricity.

2. Place Air Purifier Near The Odor Source

It’s as simple as looks, place your air purifier close to the odor source to fix the problem quickly. It can be easily done and extremely useful to follow.

For example, to stop the odor of your dog’s bed from stinking, place it beside the bed, or if you have an indoor smoking room, then put it inside to purify the air.

Moreover, choosing an air purifier with powerful filters are advised to remove the strong odor or smell.

Lastly, if you follow this instruction correctly, you won’t smell the odor if you place your purifier near the odor source.

3. Avoid Air Purifier In Corners And Tight Spaces

To get the maximum effect from your air purifier, you need to place it in an open area with free-flowing air. It’ll help your air purifier pull air from all directions to give you maximum possible performance.

On the other hand, if you place it in the corner or tight space, it won’t pull air from the outlying areas due to obstruction and results in polluted air. Make sure; your air purifier has at least one-meter space all around it, side, top, and back.

However, if you don’t have such a free space or spot in your room, then you should get a wall-mounted air purifier for your place. Some profitable brands manufacture wall mounted air purifiers.

Getting a suitable air purifier for your room is as essential as placing it in the correct place to deal with the odors and bacteria. Position your air purifier for the best airflow and source of Pollution.

4. Avoid Air Purifier Under or Behind Furniture

Avoid Air Purifier Under or Behind Furniture

As mentioned above, an air purifier needs a free-flowing air to work effectively. If you place it under the table or behind the couch, purification in the room will not take place effectively as it supposes to be.

Also, putting your purifier under the table behind the couch may help you hide it from making your room look clean, but air purification will reduce.

Best Places you can use your Air Purifier.

  • Center of the living room
  • Near the kitchen
  • Inside your bedroom
  • Beside the sides walls (open area)
  • Facing an open area near the fridge
  • Beside a doorway facing an open space
  • Wallmount on the sidewall (when no free space)

Avoid Pairing Air Purifier With Similar Devices. It’s human nature, whenever we see something fancy we buy and assume it’ll be okay.

If you are using more than one air filter like an air conditioner, air purifier, humidifier, or dehumidifier, you will not do it right. These devices have different goals to achieve, but they cannot be used together.

Using two or more air filters together builds an air to pull-push from different directions. It results in reduced performance, and the air purifier won’t eliminate airborne particles from the air entirely. It would be best if you considered using one that suits your requirement.

  1. Place Your Air Purifier Near The Doorway

It is best to place your air purifier near the doorway to catch the unwanted airborne particles from entering the room. It’ll not allow the dust and other pollutants to your room.

Moreover, if you have pets and a busy room where many people come in and out, you should put your air purifier near the doorway to minimize air pollutants from entering into the room.

  1. Air Purifier Positioning in the Bedroom

Moreover, the ideal distance for an air purifier can be between 5 feet to ten feet away from the bed’s head side depending upon its size. Keep it facing the air intake towards you while sleeping, so it purifies the air around you first.

Most importantly, it would be best if you placed a small air purifier near the bed, and the large, powerful air purifier should not be placed too close to the bed.

Avoid airflow directly to your face from the air purifier, may disturb you in sleep.

  1. Keep Away from Electronics

Generally, a low-quality air purifier cannot be placed together while in use because it can interfere with their ability to work correctly.

Commonly used small electronic devices in the home are microwave, tv, or stereos, etc. are most likely to get disturbance or interfere with other devices, therefore, avoid placing them together whether in use or not.

However, you can get a good quality air purifier to avoid this problem if you don’t have a separate space for these devices to put.

Evaluate this before buying an air purifier.

Last Thoughts

Hopefully from this article on the best place to put an air purifier, you may have learned what the best sites for your cleaner are, however, placement can be different, depending on your habits like smoking, or any else.

Make sure you place your air purifier where you get the maximum performance and fresh air for your home. Do not put it in a space where it may look good but not useful.

If you have any questions about air purifiers, please leave them in the comments I would try to help you.

Should I put the air purifier on the ground or in a raised position?

If you have a giant air purifier, you can place it on the ground, but it would be better for the effectiveness on the desk or table for a small air purifier.

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