100% Honest Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Review 2021

If you need a helping hand in removing dust and dander from your house then you can use this Rainmate air purifier from the Rainbow brand.

Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Review

In this Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Review, we found out that the build quality is long-lasting as well as thanks to their online customer support if you need any help in using their products and you can get efficient cleaning tips for their products.

We all work hard to keep our home or shop nice and clean. But, there’s always one area that’s missed when we’re cleaning or due to high air pollution levels, it can be difficult to keep your home or shop cleaned.

Moreover, thanks to its compact size, suitable for you if you are looking for a purifier that can perfectly sit on your desk, countertop, or nightstand.

Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Review

This RainMate air purifier utilizes water to circulate fresh air gently into your home environment and purify a house like no other. It can easily remove dust and dander, replace it with a fresh scent of your choice.

Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Specifications:

  • Room Coverage: Up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Power Consumption: 110 V/50 Watts
  • Dimensions: 9L x 8W x 9H inches
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Good for removing mold
  • Effectively remove dander & dust particles
  • Good at freshening up a room
  • 14 different scents you can select from
  • Low-cost maintenance: No filters
  • Cleaning is easy
  • It is budget-friendly


  • Can’t remove smoke as a traditional air purifier at fighting against smaller particles
  • Operating sound can be noisy
  • Not ideal for humid environment
  • Fused LED lights can’t be replaced

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Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Review On Working?

Have a quick look on how the Rainbow air purifier works and it’s filtration process:

Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Review

This Rainbow RainMate air purifier uses a swirling water bath filtration system to filter out the dust and odor from the air easily. Also, you get to choose an array of scents to freshening up the clean air by infusing refreshing fragrance up to 500 square feet area.

Moreover, you get two buttons, one for the power on-off and the other one for the LED light that can be useful as a night light.

From the top section where the motor is located pulls the dirty air into the purifier and mixes with water. After it creates the water bubbles to keep the dirt trapped into the water basin.

Lastly, circulates the dust-free air that goes out of the RainMate into your room with a fragrance of scent provided with it. For more detail working on Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier, you can watch this view from RainMate official youtube channel.

Source: The RainMate Official Youtube Channel

Benefits Of Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier

There are no filters in this air purifier other than water, that make it unique as well as budget-friendly. Due to which no expense for replacing or cleaning filters like other air purifiers in the market.

If you google, the cost of these replacement filters, it’s huge. If you ask me, this purifier not only saves money but time too.

On the other hand, if you look at the normal air purifier in the market, you need to replace their filters in 3-6 months that can be a task on its own. However, in the Rainbow RainMate air purifier you just need to replace water when it gets dirty and you are done.

Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier Additional Features

This air purifier comes with a LED light to illuminate the water basin. It can be a good inclusion for any bedroom and a useful feature, you can use it as a nightlight when it gets darker. However, you have an option to switch it off anytime if you don’t need it.

Rainbow RainMate air purifier comes with two, dim, and high brightness settings. High brightness suites for the day time and low for the night.

How Good Rainbow RainMate Cleans Germs?

Honestly speaking, RainMate is great at capturing dust and freshening rooms but not as good or efficient as other air purifiers in the market. This purifier is not effective when it comes to removing super fine dust particles, smoke, or mold.

Therefore, if you need an air purifier for removing ultrafine particles and harmful pollutants or you need something that deals with allergies then this is not the product for you.

It’s a basic air purifier for normal dust, if you have more demanding surroundings then I would recommend you go for an air purifier that helps in eliminating allergies and fine particles.

air purifiers that come with a True HEPA filter can be a good option for you if you need something that removes dust particles as small as 0.3 microns such as allergies, mold, smoke, and irritants.

Don’t expect much from this air purifier other than dust removal & freshening scents otherwise, you’ll be dissatisfied. Rainbow RainMate air purifier suits for cleaning large dust particles from the air and add fresh fragrance.

Rainbow Air Purifier Set Up & Instructions

Thanks to the good build quality, you can use it as long as you need. Also, don’t worry if the water level goes low, it’ll automatically switch off itself. You need to refill the water once for a day.

Moreover, it can use for removing the cooking food smell of the kitchen and cigarette smell as well.

Final Thought On Rainbow RainMate Air Purifier

This air purifier is more suitable for removing dust and adding fragrance in the air, therefore, if you are looking for a machine that does that, you can buy this machine.

Moreover, this is not a machine to remove fine dust particles or eliminating allergies from the air, RainMate is a budget-friendly air purifier with no maintenance cost of replacing filters every 3-6 months makes it even more affordable, unlike other air purifiers.

As I mentioned before, if you’re buying this Rainbow air purifier, make sure you know that this air purifier is not capable of doing heavy lifting like removing fine particles like PM 2.5, allergies, smoke (it can remove the smell but not the bad effect of it) or other airborne particles.

If you look at the cost, this is a simple machine for basic use, don’t expect too much at this price. If it is what you are looking for then this is the value for money product.

Frequently Asked Question About Rainbow RainMate

Can You Put Essential Oils in RainMate Air Purifier?

In short yes, it’s totally safe to use essential oils and fragrances in your Rainmate. That can be a great help for you if you need aromatherapy. Just add 3-5 drops from your fragrance into the RaiMate purifier basin. The fresh fragrance in your room can normally last 6-8 hours.

What are the best Rainbow RainMate scents?

Apple Blossom, Berry, Eucalyptus, Gardenia, Lemon, Orange, Pine, Spice, Vanilla, Violet

How long can I leave my RainMate on?

You can use Rainbow RainMate 24/7, however, you need to refill the basin at least once a day as it gets dirty due to dust removal from the air.

What can you put in a Rainbow RainMate?

You need to put water plus scent for a fragrance of your choice if you need fresh air fragrance in your room.

Is Rainbow RainMate humidifier?

The Rainbow RainMate is similar to a humidifier but there is no filter in it as in the humidifier. It only uses water as a filter to remove dust particles and adds a scented fragrance in the air by adding 2-3 drops of scent.

Does Rainbow RainMate Fresh Air kill germs?

Not really, it supposed to helps in removing large dust particles and adds scented fragrance in the air.